Some Client Quotes


"I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks to let you know that the video has gotten rave reviews. It was, in a word, perfect. 

Cliff and I have been receiving compliments all day. In fact, our keynote speaker, who is a best selling author of Marketing books, said, and I quote: "That was the best video of its kind I have ever seen!" 

Thank you all, not only for delivering a quality product, but for a quality process as well. Your responsiveness, patience, ability to boil our key messages into these critical words, and, dare I say it, sheer poetry, made the whole venture a success we want to share with you. 

I am certain we will work together again in the future. I hope you can catch up on your sleep now that we're no longer making changes! "

Karen Kurtzman 

ATG Software


"Last night's dinner was one of the best ever; and I attribute a good measure of its success to the fact that we showed your superb two minute video at the outset of the program. If anyone in attendance was at all confused about the Associates' mission or identity before the dinner, that confusion was dispelled by the clarity and graphic beauty with which the video explained things. Even long time supporters… told me that they found the video very informative (and quite beautiful. Most had no idea what extraordinary items we've been responsible for conserving...) 

Bruce's seamless integration of music, images and narration...It doesn't get any better!  I count the Associates very lucky to have such formidable talents in our corner! "

Vivian Spiro, Chairman of the Board

The Associates of the Boston Public Library

"Collaborating  with Bruce to create our sons’ B’nei Mitzvah video was a total delight.  I had a few thoughts about what I wanted, but was daunted by the  technical aspects of video creation and editing. He possesses all of the  technical skills that I lack (and some that I didn’t even know  existed!) and his manner is so pleasant and encouraging and kind. Bruce  kept me on task, and was excited to share fun add-ons that took root in  his creative mind and truly enhanced the project. What could have been a  dry slideshow set to music, became a short film highlighting our  wonderful boys and truly reflecting their individual personalities. Our  party guests were blown away by the professional, entertaining and  perfectly timed presentation and we now have an heirloom to cherish. The  end product far exceeded my expectations."

Julie Bailit

“Bruce  had a knack for really bringing  our family together and highlighting some of our most memorable  experiences.  He interviewed several of us to get a sense of who we  were.  Then  used that material to weave together a rich and, in some  instances, emotional account of our story. I think because he has been  doing this for so long, he has a natural instinct for finding and  focusing on the story.   I particularly appreciated how carefully he  listened to me and the variety of suggestions that he made along the  way. My family was absolutely delighted. I’ve now shown it to many of my  friends and they, too, are interested in doing something like this. "

- Susan Markowitz  Newton, MA

"It was a pleasure to work with Bruce Bordett. His skills and knowledge were invaluable in helping our organization create its first video and communicating our message to the public. In addition to his considerable technical skills, his warm friendly manner was very helpful, especially for the video participants, many of whom had never appeared on camera before."

Beth Tishler

Consultant to the Nonprofit Community

Newton, MA. PH: 617-965-1722


"Bruce Bordett is a consummate professional and extremely creative. We presented him with a difficult challenge, boiling down over eight hours of frenetic workshop activity into a coherent, compelling 50-minute presentation. The result: A great sales and educational tool for our customers. We highly recommend Bordett- MediaWorks."

Leonard Fuld, President

Fuld & Company

Cambridge, Massachusetts


"What an incredible video. You guys have really outdone yourself this time. The energy, music, and content were outstanding. The video was extremely well received this morning at the company meeting.

Great work, as always. Thank you."

Kevin Powers

Dir. Corporate Advertising, Lotus/IBM


"Wow! I couldn't agree more with Kevin --- I was rocked!

The comments I have been hearing all day have been fantastic.

Nice work watch it, you keep raising the bar......"

Steve Sayre VP Marketing, 



"Thank you so much for your help in pulling together the awesome video on the Lotus Operating Principles! What I received was so much more than what I asked for. I really appreciate your taking the time to ask what I needed and for what purpose, and then delivering something that was much better than I could have imagined.

Incidentally, I'm not the only one who liked the video. As I had planned, I used it to kickoff our monthly organization meeting. I've now lost count of the number of people (including our VP) who have commented on what a great idea, what a fun video, and how energized they felt as a result.

People LOVE this video! Thanks again for your timely and imaginative help! "

Lisa Pyle, 

Lotus Development


"The response to that wonderful Video you provided has been fantastic. It creates such a great spirit and there have not been too many days that someone hasn't made mention of it. Others are beginning to ask if they may show it in their venues. What an amazing contribution this has been!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you…" 

Tony Bibbo

Executive Director

Newton Community Service Center

Newton MA

"Bruce -- this is fabulous!!!! Thanks so much, especially for the incredibly fast work. You've done it again."

Lisa Kilborn

ATG Software