East Hill Farm School

The East Hill Farm School was designed to provide middle school students,  grades 5-8, with a meaningful, hands on experience. Students,  or Farm  Helpers, will learn life long skills related to animal husbandry, sustainability, and farm-to-table concepts throughout their stay. School  groups visit the farm for a 3 day/ 2 night full  immersion experience, where they complete necessary farm chores and attend  workshops, all while having fun and furthering their academic success.

JCC Boston - "Who Are You?"

Fund Raising -This video was created  for a Boston JCC  event. It  seeks to illustrate that no matter who you are... there is something for  you at the JCC.

"The Fabulous Bailit Brothers" - Preview VERSION

Event Videos - Short preview of Bailit Brothers B'nei Mitzvah video. Used with permission.

The Mystic Chorale - "Who We Are"

The Mystic Chorale is a non-profit, volunteer run community chorus based in Arlington, MA.
 Our Mission is to:     Make music a participatory experience, creating a  dynamic collaboration among the bold and the shy, the untrained and the  trained, the audience and the performers, challenging all of us to be  truly amazing.    Explore through song the musically rich and diverse cultures that abound in the world, celebrating the very best in all of us.
We welcome all who love to sing!

Associates of the Boston Public Library

Non - Profit  The Associates of the Boston Public Library is an independent, nonprofit  organization dedicated to conserving the Boston Public Library's  special collections of rare books, manuscripts, and other items of  significant historic interest. This video highlights the work that the  Associates do.

GROVE Instruments ” A Persistent Unmet Need”

Corporate -This video was created for a medical device startup company. The goal  was to educate the viewer about the importance of frequently monitoring  blood sugar levels to help manage diabetes.

HopeFound Boston

Non-Profit: HopeFound Boston, formerly the Shattuck Shelter in Boston offers it’s clients  recovery, housing, employment and most importantly hope. This piece was  made for their website.

Lesley University - "My First Year Teaching"

Education - First  year teachers from Lesley University are profiled in this short  documentary. They talk about the joys and challenges they face in their  first year as classroom teachers, while offering useful advice to anyone  considering a career in teaching.