Milestones Pictures

Family Documentary

  • Every family has a story.
  • Do you know yours?
  • Do you know where  your grandparents were born? How they came to this country...what their  lives were like? What did they do for fun? What were the hardships they  faced, and the sacrifices they made?
  • The Family Documentary provides a unique way to celebrate and capture the lives and personalities of our parents and grandparents.
  • It's a wonderful keepsake for the generations that follow.
  • It's the perfect gift for an important birthday or anniversary.


“We  just watched the video you produced for our 50th wedding anniversary  party. What a great job you did in tracking our family history over the  years, blending pictures and the interviews of our two wonderful  children. You certainly captured the essence of our fifty years of  marriage backed by the perfect musical background. Your presentation of  our  hobbies in music and art was right on the mark. We will treasure it  always.  

- Donald and Barbara Goldberg

Special Events

You're having a special event. 

Maybe it's a special birthday, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, maybe it's a wedding rehearsal dinner.

Here's a way to tell your child's story. From a simple music and image montage that follows their lives from their earliest days, right up to the current day. Stories can also  feature brief video interview segments with parents, siblings, mentors, etc.


"Collaborating with Bruce to create our sons’ B’nei Mitzvah video was a total delight. I had a few thoughts about what I wanted, but was daunted by the technical aspects of video creation and editing. He possesses all of the technical skills that I lack (and some that I didn’t even know existed!) and his manner is so pleasant and encouraging and kind. Bruce kept me on task, and was excited to share fun add-ons that took root in his creative mind and truly enhanced the project. What could have been a dry slideshow set to music, became a short film highlighting our wonderful boys and truly reflecting their individual personalities. Our party guests were blown away by the professional, entertaining and perfectly timed presentation and we now have an heirloom to cherish. The end product far exceeded my expectations."

Julie Bailit


  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Weddings and rehearsal dinners
  • Anniversaries
  • Tributes
  • Retirement Parties
  • Memorial Services

The Process


The  Process -  We can come to your home to capture interviews in a  comfortable, relaxed environment. Often, additional short on-camera  segments with friends or other family members are created. These  recordings are then edited, and interwoven with photos, old family  movies, and music to create a unique video experience.


“Bruce  had a knack for  really bringing our family together and highlighting some of our most  memorable experiences.  He interviewed several of us to get a sense of  who we were.  Then  used that material to weave together a rich and, in  some instances, emotional account of our story. I think because he has  been doing this for so long, he has a natural instinct for finding and  focusing on the story.   I particularly appreciated how carefully he  listened to me and the variety of suggestions that he made along the  way. My family was absolutely delighted. I’ve now shown it to many of my  friends and they, too, are interested in doing something like this.

- Susan Markowitz  Newton, MA

Photo Restoration Services

Preserve and restore old family photos.